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Socialisation and Group Training

Why is it important?

With the vast majority of dogs we work firstly at the individual’s pace in one on one sessions. We set our dogs up for success by limiting distractions as they master their basic obedience skills.

“My dog will do it at home”

Once the dog has mastered basic commands it is important to then practice these skills in group settings, with as many different distractions as possible. This allows your dog to learn to focus on you as the handler regardless of where you are or what is happening within the environment. In groups, your dog can learn appropriate behaviour around a variety of other people and animals, which puts them in good stead for those vet visits, trips to the park, going on family holidays and stays with a pet sitter or kennel.

I like to meet each dog and assess its suitability for groups before inviting attendance. I cap group attendance at 10 dogs to reduce unexpected interactions, matching dogs at similar levels of capability and temperament. Reactive dogs need careful, structured exposure to stimulus. Please contact for more information.

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